LifeisLight project benefits from the European Commission fundings and aims at demonstrating the environmental and socioeconomic performances of a disruptive technology for plant protection.

# Sustainable viticulture

Our goal is to help winegrowers reduce their use of fungicides.




LIFEisLIGHT project aims at demonstrating the environmental, economic, and social performance of an innovative technology for plant protection against fungi based on UV-C flashes in 3 different EU Member States (France, Spain and Italy). This general objectif can be split in 4 specific objectives:

UV Boosting is a pioneer in the use of UV flashes as a substitute for fungicides and is the expert of plants’ stimulations through the technology already developed

Torres Vineyards is well known for its ecological practices and allows us to conduct full-scale monitoring of the experiments.

Université de Toulouse is among the world leaders in the domain of Science and Technology of Light Sources and their expertise in the project covers the evaluation and characterization of UV sources.

Université de Bordeaux is specialized in measuring the impact of the UV solution on plant defense system and in evaluating the impact of the innovative solution on the surrounding environment.