UV Boosting

is a pioneer in the use of UV flashes as a substitute for fungicides and is the expert of plants’ stimulations through the technology already developed.

Torres Vineyards

is well known for its ecological practices and allows us to conduct full-scale monitoring of the experiments.


Université de Toulouse

is among the world leaders in the domain of Science and Technology of Light Sources and their expertise in the project covers the evaluation and characterization of UV sources.

Université de Bordeaux

is specialized in measuring the impact of the UV solution on plant defense system and in evaluating the impact of the innovative solution on the surrounding environment.

UV BOOSTING is a company created by TechnoFounders, the University of Avignon and the CNRS, UVB is a pioneer in the use of UV flash as a substitute for fungicides. UVB developed its technology from concept to marketed machine in less than 5 years, thanks to its recognition for innovation. This success in the field of plant biology technologies underlines the excellence of the company’s project management skills.



UV Boosting marketed 15 machines in 2020 and expects 50 sales in 2021, thanks to its new production site inaugurated in January, capable of producing several hundred units a year.


As the owner of the innovative technology, its role will be to :




The Université de Bordeaux teams will be advised by Marie-France Corio-Costet (INRAE). As an expert in stimulating plant defenses in grapevines, she will bring her expertise and experience to the project.



As part of the project, the University of Bordeaux will evaluate:


It is represented in LIFEisLIGHT by the mixed entity Université de Toulouse (CNRS, INP and Université de Toulouse), which specializes in plasmas and energy conversion. The Lumière & Matière research group is among the world leaders in the science and technology of light sources.


They will be responsible for:





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